About Us

We are a technology leader in the oil and gas pipeline industry with modular software solutions to support Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS). Geonamic offers industry-proven solutions, widely deployed with one of the largest end-user communities currently in production.   Geonamic has a complete focus on oil and gas pipeline technology and services and has assembled one of the most experienced teams of software developers and consultants in the industry.  All software development is done in-house with full-time staff, driven by pipeline operator requirements.

Attributes of Geonamic Software

  • Proven solutions, widely deployed in production with over 1,000 active users
  • Support for PODS, PODS Esri Spatial and APDM data models in SQL Server and Oracle environments
  • Driven by pipeline operators
  • Scalable for small and large assets and user groups

Corporate Capabilities

  • Founded in May, 2006, now one of the most experienced collection of staff in the industry, actively engaged with clients
  • Complete focus on the oil and gas pipeline industry
  • Modular technology offerings to support pipeline asset integrity and data management