Geonamic Systems  is a leading asset integrity and data management software and service company providing solutions to oil & gas pipeline operators around the world.  We frequently have positions available in our Houston, Texas and Duluth, Georgia offices, as well as opportunities for extended on-site assignments to support our clients.  Experience in the oil and gas pipeline market, especially using the Esri GIS platform and industry standard data models, is highly desired.  Roles include software engineers, project managers, consultants, and GIS analysts.

Current Positions:

GIS Analyst / Desktop Applications is needed in Duluth, GA. Use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to integrate, visualize, and analyze geographic data conforming to data model standards in pipeline industry; manage pipeline database to maintain data integrity and correctness based on pipeline data model; design and develop GIS applications to do specific pipeline operations in database adhering to client requirements; perform data processing on GIS data set for pipeline environmental analysis; design and improve algorithms to perform pipeline liquid High Consequence Area (HCA) analysis; Customize visualization tools for multiple kinds of data to generate different kinds of analysis reports for pipeline. Req. Master’s degree or its foreign equivalent in Geographical Information System. Proficiency in ArcGIS, ArcObjects, GDAL, SQLServer and Matlab. 9-5, 40 hr/wk. Mail resume to Geonamic Systems, Inc. at 3311 N. Berkeley Lake Rd., #200, Duluth, GA 30096.

GIS Analyst / Web Applications is needed in Duluth, GA. Perform GIS integration, visualization, and analysis on georeferenced pipeline data, participate in ILI/CIS data alignment projects, major tasks include designing algorithms, constructing data structures, and establishing program libraries to automatically retrieve, process, visualize, and store huge-volume ILI/CIS data, to simulate long-term pipeline corrosion growth and detect pipeline risks, as well as to handle pipeline field inspection data for pipeline maintenance; maintain and upgrade the previously developed web applications to manage baseline assessment plans and visualize ILI/CIS data on web applications based on Dojo, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, and customized Dygraphs charts. Req. Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent (based on education or work experience or both) in Geographic Information Systems with Six months experience in job offered. Proficiency in ArcGIS for JavaScript, Web-based GIS, Dygraphs, WPF, MVVM. 9-5, 40 hr/wk. Mail resume to Geonamic Systems, Inc. at 3311 N. Berkeley Lake Rd., #200, Duluth, GA 30096.