Geonamic Systems  is a leading asset integrity and data management software and service company providing solutions to oil & gas pipeline operators around the world.  We frequently have positions available in our Houston, Texas and Johns Creek, Georgia offices, as well as opportunities for extended on-site assignments to support our clients.  Experience in the oil and gas pipeline market, especially using the Esri GIS platform and industry standard data models, is highly desired.  Roles include software engineers, project managers, consultants, and GIS analysts.  Current openings are listed below:

Remote Sensing GIS Analyst is needed in Johns Creek, GA.

  • Utilize, develop, and process remote sensing datasets, including aerial photography and Landsat satellite imagery, to provide detailed geographical information to the oil and gas pipeline operators. Detailed geographic information includes land surface changes due to urban development and/or natural disasters.
  • Utilize and convert LiDAR point cloud datasets to ultra-high resolution elevation data for the analysis.
  • Use ESRI’s ArcGIS platform and geoprocessing methods to analyze the impact of hazardous liquids release to the High Consequence Areas (HCAs), modeling the migration of release volume by utilizing Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or other terrain datasets.
  • Advise the placement of Emergency Flow Restriction Devices (EFRDs); define and quantify the volume reduction of hazardous liquid from oil and gas pipeline as well as the corresponding HCA impact reductions.
  • Deliver risk analysis service and report to clients and working with senior GIS analysts and software engineers in projects including Gas HCA & Class Location analysis, MAOP analysis, ILI data alignment and integration and more.
  • Software testing by comparing the geoprocessing result from it and other GIS engines; validating massive geodatabases from oil and gas pipeline operators.
  • Complete consultant work and clearly communicate remote sensing and GIS concepts to non-technical end users; developing detailed workflow and documentation related to pipeline integrity management during complex/ real world pipeline data maintenance operations.

Req.  Master’s Degree in Remote Sensing or Geographic Information Systems. Proficiency in ESRI ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro and R Language.

9-5, 40 hr/wk. Mail resume to Geonamic Systems, Inc. at 6470 East Johns Crossing, Ste. 490, Johns Creek, GA, 30097.

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